New GM resources | Game design

Advice for any new Dungeon or Games Master, sourced from dozens of campaigns with hundreds of players over thousands of hours and still making new mistakes. This wisdom to new GMs is broadly split into three categories – preparing to run a campaign, writing an adventure, and running the session.

Some mechanical examples are specific to D100 RPGs like Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader or Imperium Maledictum, but the principles still work for other systems like DnD or Starfinder.

Fail quickly, keep the game moving, and have fun!

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Inquisitor campaign: The Gorgon Crystals

“Beware the dead, even as you fear death. For the God-Emperor protects us after death, but that which slumbers eternal may rise again.”

-From the journal of Acolyte Mora ‘Darksight’ Valerius

For the attention of the conclave of Asgard

Dissent stirs on the fringes of civilised space. Mines have gone silent. Warp-infused artefacts have washed up on the shores of Port Impetus amid reports of madness and violence.

With so much conflicting information, the Holy Ordos have dispatched their finest agents to contain and control what they can, and to eliminate what they can not.

The Inquisition is not the only organisation to have interests here – members of the Adeptus Mechanicus, Rogue Traders and agents of the Arch Enemy have all been reported converging on the cursed system of Haimm, eager to find the source of the artefacts for their own purposes.

The shadow war for the Gorgon Crystals has begun.

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