Week 2: Smoke and Glimmers | Necromunda: Moon of the Mad Magos

This is the second weekly event for the Moon of the Mad Magos Necromunda campaign being run at Asgard Wargames.

Smoke and glimmers

Ancient machines begin to wake deep beneath the surface. Slumbering mountains become exhausts, belching their fumes into the sky and revealing strange treasures in the rubble.

Each scenario must also include D3 Smokestacks and replace the normal 2 Loot Caskets with Treasure Caskets. (Industrial Terrain – Book of Peril, or compiled rulebook p58)


In the End Phase, roll a D6 for each Smokestack on the table. On a 6 it becomes Active for the next round. It deactivates in the following End Phase unless another 6 is rolled for it. 

Active smokestacks have the following rules:

  • The thick smoke and fumes block line of sight like a smoke grenade in a 6” area around the smokestack.
  • Any fighter in this 6” area treats the Move (Simple) action as Move (Basic), meaning they can’t double move through the foul air. They can ignore this rule if equipped with a respirator.
  • The fumes are highly flammable. Any weapons with the Blaze trait targeting fighters within the 6” area get +1 Strength.
Treasure Caskets

Each scenario usually has two Loot Caskets set up as part of terrain deployment. Replace these with Treasure Caskets. If a scenario has additional Loot Caskets as part of the objective (ie Forgotten Riches), these are Loot Caskets are normal.

Treasure Caskets may either be opened with a Bypass Lock (Basic) or a Smash Open Lock (Basic) action.

  • Bypass Lock (Basic): Make an Intelligence check to open the casket
  • Smash Open Lock (Basic): Roll a D6 and add Strength. On a 6+ you open the casket, but reduce the D6 result roll by 1 to a minimum of 1.

Any fighter who opens the lock rolls a D6 on the table below:

1-2: Click! The casket is fitted with a fiendishly clever needle-trap instead of treasure. Immediately roll an Injury Dice and apply it to the fighter.

3-4: Fancy Threads: The fighter gains the Uphive Raiments status item from the Trading Post.

5-6: A Noble’s Ransom: The fighter gains one item from the Personal Equipment section of the Trading Post, chosen by the controlling player.

Don’t forget

All fighters get +1 weekly XP (it was +2 XP last week for the double xp weekly event. It’s returned to normal now).

Your Settlement generates more resources, which means even if you haven’t built anything yet, your Isotropic Fuel Rod and Water Still will give you an extra +10 Power and +10 Sustenance.


The first half of an Outlanders campaign is the Development phase, focused on gathering Power, Sustenance and Salvage to build structures for your Settlement.

All scenarios that have Materials (Power, Sustenance and Salvage) provide twice the normal amount.

Gangs can’t raid each others’ Settlements during this phase. The Settlement Raid, Market Mayhem and Stealth Attack Outlanders scenarios may not be played.