Grimdark writing from our wargaming and roleplaying games – battle reports, folk tales, histories and legends of the Onus Region, a clutch of stars on the trailing edge of civilised space.

Rules and battle reports for Crown of Bones, a local campaign for Games Workshop’s specialist 54mm game Inquisitor.

subtitle Orthesian Herald

The Orthesian Herald is a RPG campaign writeup that follows the adventures of Rogue Trader Orthesian and his crew of scallywags; the stories that unfold, the enemies they make, and the intricate plot notes that are discarded.

subtitle Tales of Onus

Tales of Onus are short stories involving one-off scenes of legacy for our non-player characters, poignant moments for our players, or first-hand accounts of investigation and adventure.

The Callowdecks is a Necromunda campaign set in unexplored territory in the bowels of Mercy. Every week a newsletter was produced – the Mercy Crier – with battle reports, articles, glamour shots of gangs, and the Juve of the Week competition.