Week 3: No Guts, No Glory | Necromunda: Moon of the Mad Magos

This is the third weekly event for the Moon of the Mad Magos Necromunda campaign being run at Asgard Wargames.

No Guts, No Glory

Glittering domes blister the surface of Helicon, bursting with impossible things. Frozen jungles, abandoned cities, sleeping manufactorum, all ripe for plunder… if you can survive them.

If both players agree, you may play your scenario in a Badzone Environment. If you do, the winner also receives a strange piece of technology in addition to any other scenario rewards:

  • Ancient Manufactorum environment – Archeotech Device (Personal Equipment – Trading Post)
  • Dome jungle environment – Xenoculum (Personal Equipment – Black Market)
  • Unstable dome environment – Malefic artifact (Personal Equipment – Black Market)

Ancient Manufactorum

  • Try to include at least six pieces of Industrial Terrain (Book of Peril) on the battlefield, such as Smoke Stacks from the previous week.
  • Effects from Industrial Terrain activate on 4+ rather than 6+.
  • After the battle, gangs get an extra D6x10 credits.

Dome Jungle

  • Try to include at least six areas of carnivorous plants (Book of Peril) on the battlefield.
  • Carnivorous plants gain +1 Strength and increase their attack range by 3″.
  • Ranged attacks suffer an additional -1 at long range due to thick foliage and drifting spores.

Unstable Dome

  • During the battle, roll a D6 whenever a blast marker is placed. On a 5+, place a second same-sized blast marker in contact with the first, at a point determined by the scatter dice. Resolve the attack’s effects against fighters under both blast markers.
  • During the battle, fighters who become prone on a raised platform or terrain must check initiative to see whether they fall, even if not near a ledge.
  • Any terrain with Toughness or Wounds (like Doors or Gunk Tank) reduce those characteristics by 2, to a minimum of 1.