Week 4: Downtime | Necromunda: Moon of the Mad Magos

This is the fourth week of the Moon of the Mad Magos Necromunda campaign being run at Asgard Wargames.


A brief respite. Machines grind to a halt, and the ground ticks like cooling metal.

No normal games can be played this week. At the beginning of Downtime, every gang completes the following sequence:

  1. Weekly rewards: All fighters get their +1 weekly XP as normal, and your Settlements generate their usual weekly benefits.
  2. Recover fighters. All fighters currently in Recovery are automatically cleared for return.
  3. Captives are returned. All captive fighters are automatically returned to their gangs, while their former captors receive half their value in credits (rounding up to the nearest 5).
  4. Promotion. Any Juve or Prospect with five or more Advancements is automatically promoted to Champion. Change their fighter type accordingly
  5. Recruitment. All gangs get 250 credits to spend on new fighters and/or Hangers On. Any credits not spent immediately are lost. Gangs may supplement with credits from their stash.
  6. Maintenance. Gangs may remove up to three Structures in their settlement, gaining half their value in Materials back. The gang may then build three new Structures. Note that any Structure that is a prerequisite to another they already own cannot be scrapped.
Training Day – 7pm Wednesday 1st March

The gangs uncover a strange Skitarii training facility, primed and ready to accept new recruits. Their best understanding of the lingua-technica instructions is that the facility will elevate worthy recruits with Alpha-level knowledge of all recruits gone before – but how does it work? And at what cost?

A multiplayer battle taking place across two boards simultaneously, and only the lowliest of recruits are accepted into the facility.

Up to three of your cheapest fighters can take part, and they will be stripped of their equipment to battle it out across the training facility, last Juve standing.

The winner receives the wisdom of the ancients – a knowledge inload of all Skitarii recruits gone before – an immediate and free promotion to Champion.