Week 1: One Small Step | Necromunda: Moon of the Mad Magos

This is the first weekly event for the Moon of the Mad Magos Necromunda campaign being run at Asgard Wargames.

One small step

The void is no place for hivers – the terrifying expanse that stretches in every direction, the howling nothingness, no roof over your heads but the one you make. Our gangers will have to learn quickly if they want to survive.

All experience gains are doubled. This includes scenario rewards and weekly XP gain, as well as usual XP gains.

  • Directly taking an enemy Leader or Champion out of action by any means: +4 XP (usually +2)
  • Directly taking any other kind of enemy fighter out of action by any means: +2 XP (usually +1)
  • Successfully rallying after being Broken: +2 XP (usually +1)
  • Campaign House Rule: +2 XP per fighter per week (usually +1)
Development phase

The first half of an Outlanders campaign is the Development phase, focused on gathering Power, Sustenance and Salvage to build structures for your Settlement.

All scenarios that have Materials (Power, Sustenance and Salvage) provide twice the normal amount.

Gangs can’t raid each others’ Settlements during this phase. The Settlement Raid, Market Mayhem and Stealth Attack Outlanders scenarios may not be played.