Meanwhile, on the Bench

Meanwhile on the Bench is a section looking at the many conversions and unfinished projects lying around being worked on at the Dreadquill studio – those that were, those that are, and those that have not yet come to pass.

Rather than shy away from public attention and treat my growing to-do list with shame and disappointment, it’s instead time to revel in the bits and pieces that go on underneath the layers of paint and swearing that make up the Dreadquill minis.

  • MOTB: Prototype Arco-Flagellant X206
  • MOTB: 54mm Biologis Servitor, Zeta-Phi pattern
  • MOTB: Necromunda Slaver Guild Entourage - Mercator Sanguis
  • MOTB: Necromunda Ambot
  • MOTB: Citizens of Mercy
  • MOTB: 54mm Bloodletters
  • MOTB: Stone Guardians
  • MOTB: Void Whale