Rogue Trader ship character sheets

Space battles are great aren’t they? It’s just a shame the default character sheets for ships in the 40k RPG Rogue Trader are lacking in space for all the extra shiny baubles the players can pick up along the way, and that tracking NPC vessels can get unwieldy as soon as you have more than one on the board.

We’ve made our own ship sheets to better serve the players’ needs, and some handy NPC ship flash cards for the GM to better keep track of space battles, the different ships and all their various bells and whistles.

Player Ship character sheet

The original ship character sheets were not large enough to contain all the useful information, so we’ve expanded them. We found we were writing on the back of the original character sheet anyway, so we’ve made it double-sided with room for acquisitions, cargo and miscellany on the reverse.

There’s also a ship motif (repping the proud Orthesian Dynasty flagship) for decoration, but it can very easily be replaced with a silhouette of your own group’s vessel.

Download the two-page PDF here:

One half of the PC ship sheet
NPC ship flash cards

Keeping track of NPC vessels in space combat is tricky – there are dozens of unique characters, components and special rules that apply to every vessel, not to mention individual tracking of fires, crew population, hull damage and all sorts.

These flash cards take the pressure off remembering everything, putting the important parts from and centre (with organised space on the back to list components and in which order you reveal them from focused augury). Fill in one for the players’ ship and you can use them to track turn order too!

Download the NPC ship flash cards here:

A5 NPC ship flash card – two to a page