Inquisitor event “The Wastes” – 3rd June 2017

A routine augur scan of the world Eurone has picked up abnormal levels of both electromagnetic and psychic activity from within a region known as “The Wastes” – a non-fertile region of little use to the Imperium, officially uninhabited.

The region is largely uncharted, with few living outsiders who have any knowledge of the region, making it a dangerous prospect to explore. But nonetheless, The Wastes hold secrets that unchecked could devastate the Imperium of Man.

Inquisitor is a 54mm scale narrative skirmish wargame set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. You create a warband of hardy Inquisitorial acolytes, lawbringers or ne’er-do-wells and slug it out across dramatic landscapes in high stakes scenarios. It is the spiritual predecessor of the 40k RPG lines, as many of their game mechanics are based heavily off the Inquisitor ruleset.

“The Wastes” was a one-day event run by members of the Conclave, the official Inquisitor online community, and we were honoured to be joined by the Lord-Remembrancer himself, John Blanche. Each player brings a warband (or borrows one off a friend) and has a briefing to help set the scene. You can download the original briefing pack here.

I took many (often poor) photos of the event, as Inquisitor is game of spectacle as well as story, and the increased scale of the models helps reflect that. Nothing draws interested crowds like a scratch-built 54mm scale razorback or sentinel!

Game 1: Kidnapping a person of interest in a vicious sandstorm

Game 2: infiltrating a paranoid scribe’s archives

Game 3: Assault on the lair of the Twicefold Man