The Callowdecks: Necromunda campaign

“There’s a saying that each port has its own appeal and charm; Mercy’s appears to be the complete lack of either.”

The Callowdecks have opened

The void-hive of Mercy has been struck by a station-quake that rent it nearly limb from limb. Such a cataclysm is unheard of in Mercy’s history, and although its inhabitants may never know the truth, rumours abound of powerful witches and the forces of darkness.

As the dust settled and the populous decks were repressurised, scouts and reclaimators began reporting miraculous things. Entirely new zones of Mercy had opened up, and those that were too dangerous to venture were now flushed of toxins and radiation. These zones were dubbed by Mercy’s authorities for their virgin and bloodless nature as the Callowdecks.

Territory for gangs on Mercy is brutally defended and bitterly won. Swathes of unclaimed turf is a precious prize indeed, and almost a dozen gangs have moved in to claim its riches…

necromunda battle report example

A Necromunda ‘Turf War’ campaign, a now obsolete type of linked play, long since replaced by Dominion and Law & Order to name a few. It ran in 2018 and played over 7 weeks with a local gaming group, reported live on the website.

Players created gangs and competed to own the Callowdecks – a huge unclaimed territory in Mercy.

Each week the gangs sought out opponents to challenge and earn experience, credits, territory, and most importantly – Gang Reputation.

Every week the Mercy Crier was published – a newsletter detailing what happened over the week between gangs to keep all players clued up, and keep other (literate) citizens of Mercy up to date with current affairs.

Audience participation was highly encouraged, and even included weekly popularity contests for Juve of the Week – the most daring, beloved, or tragic Juvie story of the week won their gang extra credits!

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The weekly newsletter for anybody who is anybody. Published weekly for discerning gang bosses who want to keep informed of the turf war as it unfolds. It hosted a number of weekly articles, and players were encouraged to submit their own pictures and battle reports for inclusion.

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