MOTB: Citizens of Mercy WIP

Final(ish) product first!

As some of you may recall, I fell down a bit of a Necromunda hole last year and had the BEST time and much of my work since has been reflecting on the grimy underdecks of the setting, Mercy. I had grand plans to make various factions, NPCs and scatter terrain based on the different scenarios that cropped up.

Since then, I’ve already put together some shooty beep-boops and a big angry Ogryn-servitor so it was time to turn my attentions to less metallic pastures. One scenario in particular stood out as being a) fun and b) in dire need of some miniatures – Downtown Dust-up. Two (or more) gangs bump into each other in a crowded area and go for their guns, but the area is populated by up to a dozen underhive citizens who don’t take kindly to gangers opening fire in their neck of the woods. Sometimes they flee, sometimes they draw a stub gun and take a pop at the nearest ganger, regardless of who set them off. The gangs are trying to drive their opposition off while avoiding civilian casualties, all the while the civilians are trying to kill them for starting a ruckus – it’s an absolute hoot.

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MOTB: Cathedral Assault

Our Dark Heresy campaign has made it to the planet of Syracuse -a dank and miserable affair perfect for acolytes tramping around in the mud and rot. For the campaign I wanted some epic set pieces, and even put together a game board to help build the mood.

It was time to return for another brawl, this time to defend an Imperial Cathedral (or what was left of it) from rampaging Undertow during a full-blown civil war.

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